Who to choose ?

You have decided to experience hypnosis in consultations and are wondering who to choose as your hypnotist.



The course and experience of a series of hypnosis consultations depends mainly on each client, but also on each hypnotist.

Although the overall method is common, the hypnotist you choose will personalize each of your consultations. As each consultation is different, it is obvious that the hypnotist works in a unique way each time. Your work in hypnosis may be easier or faster with one hypnotist rather than another.

Feel free to switch to a different hypnotist if you are uncomfortable with the one you chose initially.


Here is my background, see if it fits your needs:

Dr. Sébastien Dieulouard

Founder of Open Hypnosis

Professional background :

  • 2004 - 2016: Doctorate in general medicine in Lille, France. Thesis on hypnosis and general medicine (1)
  • 2011 - 2013: University degree in hypnosis at Paris VI University (Pitié Salpêtrière). Training in Ericksonian hypnosis at the Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine for Clinical Hypnosis and Brief Therapy, Paris.
  • 2016 - August 2018: Medical hypnosis in private practice and at the University Hospital of Reims, France
  • Nov 2018: Foundation of Open Hypnosis in Detroit, Michigan


Regarding hypnosis, I specialize in caring for people with psychosomatic illnesses: that is, illnesses affecting the body, which can worsen or improve for psychological reasons. This is the case, for example, of a physical injury generating chronic pain, which worsens when morale is down.

If you feel concerned by this type of problem, I am available in addition to your medical care.

My hypnosis activity also covers more varied consultation grounds, which you can find here

Indeed, some people only consult at the end of their life. To give a telling example: I have accompanied a patient with terminal lung cancer. Hypnosis has been beneficial in this situation, bringing him well-being and serenity.

But it is just as well not to wait until the last moment. Hypnosis is beneficial at all times of life. For example, this patient could have discovered hypnosis 20 years earlier as an accompaniment to quitting smoking and to remove the blockages preventing him from achieving his dreams.

I have in mind the recent example of a young mother who wanted to have a third child, but could not persuade her husband. This made her suffer and generated tension in the couple. She said her husband thought two children was "enough already." He did not want to consult so "couples therapy" was not possible.

It is obvious that the father's point of view is just as legitimate as that of the mother.

This mother had to work on herself through hypnosis, and thus help to make the family and marital dynamics more comfortable and easier, to create room for this future third child.

Once this work was done, the father was much more willing to want an extra child as well. After a few hypnosis sessions she was pregnant with her third.

I therefore invite everyone, even in good physical and moral health, to take an interest in hypnosis in order to flourish. Hypnosis is not just for healing, it is also a very powerful developmental tool.

Following a family opportunity, I decided to try the adventure of expatriation in Detroit, Michigan and to stop all medical activity to devote myself exclusively to hypnosis which allows me to offer this technique to a larger audience. If you want to solve a problem, improve your quality of life or make a dream come true, I would be happy to assist you.

I am at your disposal if you wish to have more details on my background. You can also contact me if you have questions about the relevance of hypnosis to your goal.


Client Bill of rights

Clients Bill of rights
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