Sessions in practice

Concretely, how to organize your sessions ? What to expect?

Most hypnotists recommend between one and ten consultations to achieve a goal through hypnosis.

If you need several sessions, spacing them out by about two weeks will give you time to assimilate each session and therefore optimize the next.

The duration of the sessions can be very variable, allow about 30 to 45 minutes (order of magnitude). Please schedule up to one hour.

Most clients consult alone, you may come accompanied if that reassures you.

Minors must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. They must stay in the building for the whole duration of the session. The consent of the minor and their parents is required.
If you have questions about the hypnosis technique itself, see the tab "information about hypnosis"

House calls

If for a medical reason you can't come to our office in Franklin village, we offer house calls (visit to your house). The price and duration are the same as a regular consultation.
If you live in Detroit Metro area, just call us and schedule a visit, at home or at a place you feel comfortable doing hypnosis (up to 10 miles from Franklin village).
You must be 100% available for your session, impossible to do the session while you are babysitting, for example.

Teleconsultation (remote consultation)

After one session in person, teleconsultations are possible provided you have good image and sound quality.

- Your internet connection must be excellent. (Ideally with an ethernet cable connection)
- You must have a camera and a microphone. Regular wired earphones (with an integrated cable microphone) are best. Please don't use the built-in microphone from your phone or your computer, it's too far from your mouth, we need to hear you perfectly. No earbuds either (the microphone is too far from your mouth).
- A laptop or a computer is better than your cellphone, because it will be stable on its support, you won't have to hold it.

- You must be 100% available for your session, impossible to do the session while you are babysitting for example.

We use the Signal app.
- You can download it for free from your phone, then your computer. (first your phone, then only you can install it on your computer)
- This application works like Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime for example. The Signal application has the advantages of being free, secure and easy to use.
- Please try to call a friend before your first session, to make sure everything is working fine.

- For adults only.
- Same price and duration as in person consultation.

If you want to make an appointment for a teleconsultation, call me or send me a text message using the Signal app on my phone number +1 248 722 2422. (communication is free from abroad using as long as you are using your Internet connection).